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One Market

by Gene Hoffman, CEO & President Traditional financ...

12 7 月, 2024

Global Expansion of Chia Network Security with Successful ASIC Timelord Rollout

Much like the famous police box, ASIC timelords have la...

3 7 月, 2024

Roadmap Update – Chia Cloud Services Platform

We are back with the latest updates on the Chia Network...

21 6 月, 2024

Driving Growth in the Face of Turbulent Luxury Markets

According to Bain research, the top luxury brands make ...

31 5 月, 2024

Chia Network Acquires DrPlotter Technology and Expertise

We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired the DrPlo...

17 5 月, 2024

Why Chia Plots Don’t Contain Real User Data

With the announcement that we are exploring a new plot ...

21 4 月, 2024

Dive Into The Chia Academy

We released Chia Academy in December 2023 to simplify y...

12 4 月, 2024

The Blockchain Trilemma is Real in the Real World

Numerous projects claim to have overcome the blockchain...

16 3 月, 2024


Version 2.1.2 Release

Version 2.1.2 of the Chia reference client is now avail...

3 2 月, 2024


We’re Going to Ludicrous Speed

Light speed was too slow, so our new ludicrous speed AS...

25 1 月, 2024


Spare has started returning coins to the participants of the first start

Spare — a decentralized blockchain system based on Proo...

21 11 月, 2023


Chia Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Bug Bounty program with the support of Bugcrowd!

Chia Network, in collaboration with Bugcrowd, is launch...

16 11 月, 2023

Version 2.1.0 Release

Version 2.1.0 of the Chia reference client is now avail...

5 10 月, 2023

Happy Roadmap Update Day!

We updated our Chia Product roadmap earlier this year a...

14 9 月, 2023

Are you buying a genuine handbag from the rightful owner?

Luxury goods are more than just products; they represen...

7 9 月, 2023

Version 2.0.0 Release

We’re pleased to share the release of version 2.0! This...

24 8 月, 2023

Forked Paths: Decoding Blockchain Forks

Blockchain technology revolutionized trust and transpar...

17 8 月, 2023


The average age of hard disk failure is 2 years and 6 months

The American company Backblaze, specializing in backup ...

16 8 月, 2023

What is Blockchain for "Enterprise"?

Blockchain uses a distributed ledger technology system ...

15 8 月, 2023


Chia Terminology

Chia (XCH) — a cryptocurrency based on Proof of Space a...

13 8 月, 2023


Announcement of a card game on the blockchain — Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG)

Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) — is an open, demo Web...

12 8 月, 2023

Bug Bounty: Self-Hosted Runners

We’ve always maintained the idea that the community own...

4 8 月, 2023

Understanding Blockchain Layers

Blockchain technology garners significant attention for...

27 7 月, 2023


Concerns about CHIA: risks and potential issues associated with cryptocurrency mining

Concerns about CHIA: risks and potential issues associa...

20 7 月, 2023

Public vs. Private Blockchains: Key Differences

Public and private networks enable individuals and orga...

18 7 月, 2023

Chia Pool

Hpool announced the introduction of a new Chia and Airdrop protocol

Hpool — is the largest Chia mining pool. At the time of...

10 7 月, 2023

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